About Us

RPT New York was established in 2005 to provide coatings application services to our customers in the New York area. We are a woman-owned business  certified in the New York City area.

While RPT New York's major focus is wastewater, we also have the expertise and experience of working with customers in the power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing and property management industries.

In addition to the application of chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistant coatings for our customer's facilities, equipment and infrastructure, we offer pipeline rehabilitation services. These include CIPP lining, epoxy spray applications, interior and exterior joint repairs, ASME carbon fiber pipe wrap systems for the repair of leaking pipes and exterior pipeline coatings, and fiberglass rehabilitatoin.

Our crew meet OSHA training certification
requirements. We adhere to standard safe work
practices and procedures and work with our
customers to ensure their special needs and
requirements are complied with on each project.