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Carbon Fiber Pipe Wraps
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The Flare Gas Pipeline has deteriorated over many years of service due to internal and external corrosion. Sections of the pipe were previously wrapped with a, Thortex ASME, Carbon Fiber Wrap system which restored those sections of the pipe to its original structural integrity. During routine inspections it was discovered that the flanges on the valve were leaking.  The gaskets were “shot” and the valve could not be removed or replaced.  RPT New York was asked to develop a repair procedure to stop these leaks and get the pipeline back in service. A section of steel sheeting was cut and wrapped around the opposing flange faces of the valve body.  This “cavity” was then filled using Thortex Metal Tech Fluid Grade repair compound, forming a solid fully structural body. A Thortex Carbon Fiber Wrap system was applied over the entire valve body and extended over the attached piping.

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